Development Strategy


Strong development of service industries - trade - imports and exports. Build brand PNCo maintain a reputable brand, with professional staff and high responsibility


selected to provide products - high-quality service is the company market segment towards, to affirm its position on trade PNCo truong.Viec practice selective manner, flexible


For market: Provide product - class service and quality. Besides outstanding quality value, in each product - service contain cultural messages, in order to satisfy the needs of legitimate customers.

For shareholders and partners: To promote a spirit of cooperation and development; commitment to become "No. 1 Companion" partners and shareholders; always increase the value of the investment attractiveness and sustainability.

For the staff: Build a professional working environment, dynamic, creative and humanities; facilitating income and equitable development opportunities for all staff.

For society: Harmonious business benefits with social benefits; positive contribution to the community-oriented activity, demonstrating the spirit of civic responsibility and pride in the nation.